China: FirstUnion Launches S804R — Genuine Soft Filter e-Cigarette

FirstUnion and the world’s leading pharmaceutical company have reached a strategic partnership in promoting a healthy alternative to tobacco smoking. To that end, FirstUnion takes up a social responsibility by bringing the world’s smokers a healthy alternative and strives to lead with industry norms and standards.

To help realize this goal, FirstUnion, the World’s Largest E-cigarettes solutions provider, is proud to release the new genuine soft filter e-cigarette, S804R.

The S804R gives that real soft feeling of a traditional cigarette. It’s more comfortable against your lips and gives a rich and pure taste. The genuine soft filter of S8084R gives you an authentic feel and sensation as in a regular cigarette.

The lampshade is a pleasing red colored LED that glows red with each draw, providing you with a more visual smoking look.

The kit comes with one cartomizer, one USB charger and one battery. The one inch cartomizer can be changed very quickly. The S804R provides 220 puffs and more than 300 charge cycles. Enditem