Bulgaria: King’s Tobacco Tailors The King Onyx for International Customers

Bulgarian cigarette company King’s Tobacco International has added a new product to its bestselling international brand of cigarettes, The King.

Bulgaria Kings Tobacco Tailors The King Onyx for International Customers

The King Onyx is a blend of Virginia, Oriental and Burley tobaccos, specially selected and combined by Master Blender Stefan Dukmedjiev.

The blend was then cut finely and the length of the cigarette extended, harmonising the flavours and cooling the smoke for a longer period to create smoothness, the brand explained.

The Master Blender likens his job to that of a fashion house couturier, with each tobacco leaf providing different flavour characteristics depending on their variety, country of origin and the grade of the leaf.

“His role begins with selecting the best raw ingredients, like a tailor selecting cloths, with the objective of combining flavors into a unique cigarette,” King’s Tobacco stated.

“In the case of King Onyx, Dukmedjiev was challenged to create a blend that he was so proud he would inscribe his own name on every pack as a marque of quality. The objectives were to craft a truly rich and satisfying taste with a superbly smooth finish,” the company added. Enditem